• Leveraging the latest technology

    The work of the Federal Government is too important for the IT of the past. Government agencies need solutions that are reliable, scalable, and available around the clock and across the world to meet their mission needs. At swiftINTEL, we combine industry best practices with an eye toward the customer to ensure that the latest advances in technology are providing the maximum value to our clients.

    •  Enterprise Agility
    •  Remote Infrastructure Management
    •  IT Infrastructure Optimization
    •  Hosting and Systems Administration
    •  Critical Systems Engineering and Operations
    •  Data Center Services
    •  Network Engineering and Security
  • Early impact. Maximum value.

    Software development projects are known for being over budget, overdue, and rarely provide users with effective solutions. With ever-changing mission needs, government agencies need to be able to turn large and complex problems into bite-sized, more manageable components.

    swiftINTEL ensures that clients get results early and often as we develop solutions that leverage the latest innovations in software, cloud, and mobility. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs upfront and continually reevaluate how we can provide as much value as soon as possible throughout the project in order to achieve maximum impact.

    •  Cloud Services
    •  Mobile App Development
    •  Usability, UI/UX, and Accesibility
    •  Enterprise Content Management
    •  Enterprise Architecture
    •  Application Development and Maintenance
  • Your mission, protected

    Keeping your technological assets secure has become one of the most difficult yet paramount concerns for every organization across the globe. In today's world where everything is connected, the Federal Government must be at the forefront of cybersecurity to ensure that their systems, infrastructure, and data are safe and protected. At swiftINTEL, we employ cutting edge cybersecurity technology alongside a constantly vigilant eye to stop cyber attacks before they occur.

    •  System Assessment and Authorization
    •  Infrastructure Technical Support
    •  Information Assurance
    •  Vulnerability Services
  • Efficient and effective mission support

    To be able to focus on the ever-changing mission, you need to be able to trust that your administrative and logistical needs are handled adeptly and with care. swiftINTEL provides a range of mission support services to help your organization meet the business needs of today. From program management to recruiting to budget analysis, we employ industry experts who will provide high performance and high quality professional support each and every day.

    •  Program Management
    •  Business Intelligence
    •  Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology
    •  Budget Analysis
    •  Insights and Analytics
    •  Training

Partnering for Results

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